UPS Supply Upgrade

WORKS: UPS Supply Upgrade - BIS Data Centre

Client: City of Melbourne & Transfield Services - Council House 1


Scope of Works

Audit existing design for increased UPS size from existing 90kVA to 150kVA.

Design new supply system and upgrade SLD

Design and implement new supply changeover procedure using Castel Interlock System.

Liaise with UPS supplier and switchboard building to ensure end-to-end compatibility.

Install new 3 phase supply cable up 5 story riser requiring abseil specialists.

Install new and reallocate existing data rack power feeds throughout Data Centre.

Install and terminate new OM3 fiber and CAT6 data cables between upgraded Data Racks

Replace existing swichgear at Emergency Changeover switchboard.

Design, supply and install new UPS input/output/bypass switchboard and cabling.

Isolate and decommission redundant services and install new as per approved design.

Co-ordinate 24hr shut down timeline for changeover phase of project with City of Melbourne, BIS Division, UPS Supplier.

Commission new switchboard, switchgear and connections, including Thermo-scans.

Re-label switchgear, cables and accessories to City of Melbourne standards.

Provide as-installed documentation including updated As-Built Drawings.


To audit, design, liaise, construct, re-cable, co-ordinate, install and commission this Design and Construct project in a 6 week period. – Result, 100%