The Horizontal Borer

WORKS: Rewire of Horizontal Borer

Client: VicTrack / Steamrail


Scope of Works

As part of the relocation of the Steamrail workshops which repair and restore Steam Era Locomotives & Rolling Stock, our client asked us to reinstate their horizontal borer machine (circa 1930)

The Challenges

As the boring machine had not been used for a significant period of time we first had to establish the machines current condition & intended operational requirements and how these could be reinstated to comply with today’s OH&S regulations.

The control cubicle had previously been scavenged for parts and the existing 10hp motor was no longer operable, so a replacement motor with a similar rating & frame type had to be obtained. The Starter was also faulty & found to be non-repairable.

The intended operation of the machine and existing control elements were ascertained and new power & control circuit diagrams were drawn up to reflect the intended operation and control characteristics of the machine.

A replacement motor was sourced, tested & installed, ready for it’s new purpose.

A new Star – Delta Starter was installed to provide power to the motor & was integrated into the control system.

Interlocked Forward / Reverse control functions were also incorporated into the new design to enhance the functionality beyond the original “manual” arrangement.

In conjunction with the Client’s representative, a risk assessment was performed on the machine and appropriate guards, emergency stops & operating limit switches were incorporated to provide a level of operating safety as required in 2010, but not contemplated when the machine was originally commissioned over 80 years ago.

The Result

As a “one off” challenge, resurrecting Steamrail’s horizontal borer was extremely satisfying, especially knowing that it will be used to restore other great machines from the Steam era.