Switchboard and Residual Current Device (RCD) Upgrades

WORKS: Residual Current Device (RCD) Installation Program

Client: Department of Defence - Monegeetta Vehicle Proving Grounds

Scope of Works

Design, replacement and commissioning of Main switchboard in Vehicle Maintenance Workshop.

Combination of circuits and control devices into one enclosure as required.

Ensure installation met required safety standards.

Verification and Installation of RCD’s to various buildings, workshops and switchboards throughout facility.

Testing and certification of all works as required.

Removal of field mounted RCD devices in workshop areas.

Audit works to ensure coverage was obtained as required.

Design and install signage to correspond with new circuitry upgrades.

The Challenges

To provide services in active Defence base with restricted shut down opportunities

Complete works in secure work locations.

Provide solutions where installation of RCD’s would interfere with sensitive testing devices and equipment.