Steamrail Workshop Relocation

WORKS: Heavy Machinery Workshop Relocation

Client: Victrack – Newport Workshops


Scope of Works

Determine Power supply requirements and design power distribution, lighting and emergency lighting requirement to current standards for new workshop location in Heritage Building.

Make safe and test all existing equipment for relocation to new workshop.

Install custom solution cable tray infrastructure for reticulation of machinery cabling.

Test, repair and upgrade of pre-WW2 workshop machinery power and control systems.

Perform risk assessment for each item of machinery and provide recommendations to client.

Design and install emergency stop systems and safety meaures for 15 workshop machines.

Provide As-installed documentation including AutoCad Drawings for project scope.

The Challenges

Working with a variety of machinery, much of it dating back to the industrial revolution, JNJ Electrics met the challege of bringing this equipment back to life. This involved extensive rewiring, replacement of control gear and redesign of archaic circuitry to meet current regulations.

New emergency stop systems and guard limits were also required to be designed, specific to each piece of machinery and installed to current standards to ensure the machine operator’s safety.

JNJ Electrics met the challenge of installing an electrical reticulation system in a 19th centure building that considered heritage restrictions, but ensured it met operational requirements. Our technicians utilized an innovative suspension solution to install the ladder tray network.

The result was not only a cost saving for the client in the reduction of structural works required, but also helped to maintain the natural character of the building. Through our knowledge and expertise, JNJ Electrics exceeded the clients expectations on all counts.