Sewerage pump repairs

WORKS: Replacement of sewerage pump control system

Client: VicTrack - Gemco Shed


Scope of Works

To carry out repairs to sewerage pump and replace control module with new system to allow for remote alarm notification via mobile SMS network.

The Challenges

Carry out works adjacent to active Adelaide – Melbourne rail line

Arrange safe access equipment, track safety, electrical spotter and associated Safe Work Method Statements, Job Safety Analysis’s, Risk Assessments as required.

Pump out sewerage from existing pit and dispose of in accordance with EPA requirements. (up to 3000 litres)

Enter pit (Confined space) using correct procedures and permits and 3 man team.

Secure loose pipe into correct position to stop it fouling float switch operation

Check float switches for correct operation

Check pump for correct operation

Complete report on project outcomes and recomendations