North Melbourne Communications Hut

WORKS: Earth Electrode Upgrade

Client: VicTrack


Scope of Works

The North Melbourne Comms Room hut (NME_RC001) currently does not have a
dedicated Telecommunications Service Earth.

Instead all equipment is earthed via the AC main switchboard protective earth, which is inadequate for the size of the DC power system installed at the site.

Four new earth electrodes will be installed around the hut, and connected to each other via a 35mm2 insulated copper cable.

This upgrade will reduce the impedance to earth to approximately one fifth (1/5) of the current system.

The Challenges

To ensure design and installation of system is carried out without disruption to communications hut equipment.

Ensure system installed is compliant, tested and meets the specified criteria as details in the scope of works.

Carry out works near active rail corridor.

Liaise with client and tenant to manage access to site without disruption.