Newport Skills Centre IT Room

WORKS: Switchboard replacement and Earthing Upgrade

Client: VicTrack


Scope of Works

Various electrical works were required at new Skills center demountable building.

Client wanted immediate changes from scope to make layout and operation more

Review plans and requirements, make recommendations and redraft scope of works
The Challenges

To advise and recommend appropriate works as required too provide electrical services and adequate protection to new IT skills center at Newport.

Revise earthing system to make more practical and cost effective for client. Recommended:

  • 16mm earth from canteen main switchboard to new IT Room switchboard (no separate CET)
  • 16mm earth from IT room switchboard to SPC (Comms Equipment Earth Bar)
  • 3x earth electrodes (still requires civil contractor for installation)
  • 35mm earth from Earth Electrodes directly to SPC bar
  • 16mm earths from SPC to Equipment Racks (5)
  • 6mm Earth to bond cable trays (2)