Gemco Shed Emergency and Exit Lighting

Emergency & Exit Lighting

Client: VicTrack, Gemco Shed- Gate K, Dynon Rd W. Melbourne


Scope of Works

Supply and install emergency & exit lighting system at multiple working levels throughout operating 300m long diesel maintenance shed located adjacent to the busy Melbourne/Sydney rail link.

Create innovative mounting solutions to deliver sufficient lighting levels to all work platforms and walkways and confirm lighting levels with computer modeling.

Replace existing fuse boards throughout shed with RCD equipped panel boards, identify all active circuits and ensure compliance of protection devices to current standards.

Create As-Built Drawings and Operation Manuals for completed works.

The Challenges

All switchboard replacement works had to be performed after hours to tight schedules.

All works carried out in an active heavey industrial workshop environment without disrupting the client’s scheduled maintenance and reactive repair works

Working above Active Rails required specialist access equipment and precise work instructions to ensure an efficient and safe working environment.

The installation of the emergency and exit lighting system had to provide the necessary lighting levels and clear egress paths whilst remainig unabtrusive and without obstructing working spaces within the narrow confines of an operating rail workshop environment.