Emergency & Exit Lighting

WORKS: Emergency & Exit Lighting System Installation

Client: Alfred Hospital

Scope of Works

JNJ Electrics were engaged by Alfred Health to replace the existing Exit & Emergency Lighting system of approximately 1,400 emergency & exit light fittings within the Main Ward Block of Alfred Hospital with a Clevertronics Power-line Monitored system.

Alfred Health selected the Clevertronics Zoneworks L10 system primarily due to the compatibility with existing Clevertronics products.

The Clevertronics L10 system uses LED Exit & Spitfire Emergency Lights equipped with lithium batteries & communicates to network routers over dedicated 240v emergency lighting cable circuits. The routers are interconnected to a Server using LONworks backbone cabling & protocols. The routers, Server & LONworks cabling were installed & commissioned by Alfred Hospital resources.

JNJ Electrics worked closely with Alfred Hospital staff to ensure negligible disruptions to hospital operations whilst effectively scheduling works in to coincide with the completion of various backbone router installations.

The work involved extensive re-cabling and creation of dedicated lighting circuits as the existing emergency lighting was largely on mixed lighting circuits through significant portions of the building.

Much of this cabling had to be installed within new ducting that was installed below ceiling level as the ceiling space had been deemed contaminated and a risk for patients with depressed immune systems & therefore the ceiling space was not to be accessed for the purpose of this project.

Specialised “Decon” Units and other air quality control measures were used extensively to eliminate the possibility of exposing patients to any potential contamination from ceiling gaps created by the removal & ultimate replacement of surface mounted fittings.

On completion of the Main Ward Block works, Alfred Health amended the contract to include replacement of the fittings within Philip Block (450 fittings) and the Basement level of William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre (100 Fittings).

On request from Alfred Hospital, JNJ Electrics also installed & commissioned the ILON & Clevertronics Backbone infrastructure for the William Buckland RC Basement to ensure timely completion of that building’s work.

Comprehensive documentation was created pertaining to the fitting types, locations, unique ID’s and originating circuits.

Drawing sets has been updated & an additional drawing for MWB Level 8 has been created. In total, close to 2,000 fittings were installed to complete this installation.


Project was delivered on time, within budget & to the clients’ complete satisfaction.

Reference available upon request