Electrical Compliance Program – Bendigo

WORKS: Switchboard Replacements, RCD & Emergency Lighting Installation

Client: VicTrack SSR Workshop Complex Gladstone St Loco Shed


Scope of Works

As part of Victrack’s property compliance initiative, JNJ Electrics was engaged late in 2013 to replace numerous switchboards and install residual current devices (RCD’S) across numerous buildings at both the SSR Complex and at the Gladstone St facility in Bendigo. An Emergency and Exit Lighting System was also to be installed within the historic Gladstone St Loco Shed.

Weatherproof Concept Premier Switchboards were installed in all outdoor locations and High Immunity RCD’s were installed on Hi-Bay Discharge Lighting Circuits throughout the 2 sites.

Works also included replacement of various industrial power outlets with RCD equipped units & provision of new lighting contactors & control switches to numerous locations.

Switchboard replacement works involving power interruptions were carefully scheduled in conjunction with SSR personnel to complement the SSR’s programmed & reactive work activities that were being undertaken during our contract.

In total, works completed include the replacement of approximately 40 switchboards throughout these installations including over 400 MCB ~ RCDs and the installation or replacement of around 50 Emergency and Exit lights at Gladstone St Loco Shed.

Thermo-scanning & “hot-spot” repairs carried out to Gladstone St Loco Shed Main Switchboard.

JNJ co-ordinated works with a contracted Industrial Hygenists to remove and dispose of switchboards identified previously as containing hazardous substances.

Significant roofing works at the Gladstone St Loco Shed meant that JNJ had to clear site between March & June 2014, but once these works had been completed, JNJ remobilised to complete the installation of Emergency & Exit Lighting system and successfully close out the project with zero lost time incidents in a challenging & dynamic active rail environment.