City of Melbourne Council House 1

WORKS: Main Switchboard Service, Repair & Upgrade Works

Client: TransfieldServices


Scope of Works

When JNJ were approached by City of Melbourne & Transfield Services to install additional car charging points totaling up to 300 amps (1 phase) within the Royal Lane Carpark, JNJ recommended an audit be conducted on the serviceability and loads on the 2 existing 1MVA supplies feeding both Council House 1 Main Switchboards (MSB’s 1 & 2).

Items identified included:

  • Supply 1 had sufficient spare capacity for the prospective charge points however Supply 2 (feeding the Data Centre) was verging on being fully committed
  • A new 250 Amp 3 Phase MCCB integrated into MSB1 and feeding a remote dedicated car-charging distribution board would provide an effective & expandable platform for connecting the car-charging services
  • Unmetered Tenant Chassis feeding 5 shops in Little Collins St required replacement due to obsolete & non-compliant equipment.
  • All Cables into MSB1 had previously been incorrectly installed into the switchboard, creating numerous potential hazards and allowing dust to enter the switchboard components
  • Incorrect connections and switching arrangements shown on existing Single Line Diagrams and various labelling & demarcation on both MSB’s obsolete or incorrect.

The Challenges

To shut down power supplies to MSB1 & MSB2 over 2 nights, carry out all repair, servicing & upgrade works and return supplies to a fully functioning and tenanted multilevel city building (8 stories) + 5 tenanted shops.

To provide advice & report on power consumption and distribution requirements

To install Distribution Facility for Car-Charging Systems

To carry out complex internal switchboard modifications

To remove & re-install up to 30 supply & circuit feeds into MSB through new gland plates, ranging from parallel 400mm Substation Feeds down to 25mm Fire Pump Supplies

To provide temporary supply services to various building functions during power outage

To Perform Maintenance on all Fuse Switches (CFS) & all internal connections

To prove & document the supply and circuit arrangements within each MSB

To Thermal Scan All electrical junctions within MSB1 to ensure safe operation

To provide certification and proof of workmanship for all works completed

Before: Main supply cables run directlyinto switchboardwithout correct cable restraint, mechanical protection or sealing of Switchboard against dust ingress

After: Cables now installed through cable glands (Brass for FR Cables) with new gland plates andall cables labelled.

Identification of switching operation

Proposed solution