Caltex Canopy LED Lighting Upgrades

WORKS: Canopy Lighting LED Upgrades

Client: DTZ – CALTEX

Scope of Works

Caltex embarked on a program of upgrading a variety of conventional lighting types to a range of LED lighting across a selection of their sites.

LED lighting was used in the following areas

  • Surface mounted canopy LED Panels
  • Recessed canopy LED Panels
  • Main and display sign LED tube upgrades
  • Shop front pelmet LED lighting
  • Display sign LED Floodlighting

The works entailed auditing sites and providing recommendations on the type and style of LED lighting required

All works to be done under guidance of “Caltex Permit Writer”

All works to be provided with minimal disruption to site and clients

The Challenges

Challenges involved

  • Managing high risk works in active service stations
  • Providing safe working at heights access
  • Managing works near power lines and other hazards during works
  • Manage traffic and pedestrian access to forecourt during works
  • Working around site delivery schedules