Aircraft High Frequency Generator

WORKS: Modification of High Frequency Generator Control System

Client: Eco Save-John Holland - Tullamarine Airport


Scope of Works

The high frequency (400hz) generators supplying power to aircraft during maintenance were originally commissioned to run 24 / 7 / 365, regardless of connected loads.

For energy efficiency & system longevity purposes, it was requested by the clients that the control system be modified to allow the generators to be shut down when not in use.

The Challenges

An extremely complex control and generation system was presented to JNJ without system details, schematics, background or understanding of their operation.

The generators were found to have very specific starting, cycling, operating and shut down characteristics that had to be adhered to whilst maintaining full functionality to the business of the aircraft workshop facility, which has a 24/7 operating capability.

JNJ designed and implemented significant control circuit modifications to these 400hz generators complete with newly created circuit diagrams and details of system operation.

aircraft-fg-a - Copy